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Many companies don’t fully appreciate the nature and extent of the risk that currency volatility could pose to their business and even when they do they often feel powerless to manage it. At an initial no fee discussion meeting, we’ll seek to understand your overseas dealings, allowing us to fully comprehend the precise nature of your exposure to the FX markets. Effective risk management must always be founded upon a thorough knowledge of the facts.


Once we establish the nature of your risk, and agree to work together, Performanceart will prepare one or more potential strategies to protect your business from FX risk. These strategies will be presented to you in person in a fashion that you’ll understand, no complicated clich├ęs, just clear explanation of the proposals and their merits/features, putting you in the position to make an informed choice as to how best to protect your business.


Once the correct strategy has been agreed upon, Performanceart will, if desired, explain your desired strategy to your FX execution counterparty. It might be that you don’t have an existing counterparty that you have confidence in, or trust to execute for you at the best rate available, if so we can help here too.
Performanceart has developed links with a small number of the most respected companies in that field, and will happily introduce you to the best person to execute your strategy if you wish.

    Contact us today, and allow us to remove the undesired FX risk from your business.


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